Who We Are

Our team of experienced pediatricians treat a broad spectrum of illnesses affecting children and manage the necessary referrals to consultants or hospitals should the need arise.

Each pediatrician is fully qualified to analyze and monitor your child’s wellbeing for clinical conditions and problems, staying one step ahead of risks and stopping impending health problems in their tracks before they can affect the child further. The center’s monitoring procedures usually include regular assessments of :

  1. Height
  2. Weight
  3. Development of gross motor and fine motor skills
  4. Development of social skills, speech and language skills
  5. Vision and hearing tests
  6. Any specific genetic, nutritional, or medical conditions which the child risks facing because of their age, family history, or living conditions

A child’s medical requirements are unique and quite unlike their grown-up counterparts. Pediatricians understand this difference and play a vital role in the healthy growth of a child by screening and observing conditions and symptoms before they become serious medical problems. By monitoring a child’s height and weight, a pediatrician can compare the data to diagnostic reports of the same age demographic. Armed with insight gained from the analysis, the pediatrician can then rapidly intervene and prescribe the necessary treatment to normalize the child’s condition in accordance with other children in his or her age range.

A pediatrician can also chart the course of a child’s development and spot delays in growth and provide therapy on a physical, occupational and emotional level to treat them before its too late.